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Company Introduction

Petrostar Tools is a leading oil and gas completion tools provider, offering a complete range of traditional and custom downhole completion tools that design to maximize well production including high-pressure packer systems, sub-surface safety systems, sub-surface flow controls and service tools.


Petrostar Tools, with two manufacturing plants in Singapore and China, both qualified with ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1, 6A, 14A, 14L, 11D1, 19G1 quality system is committed to provide the highest quality product through our highly skilled and well-trained employees using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and innovative designs.


We have earned good reputation in Middle East, South America, Africa, Russia, Singapore and China markets.

Our Completion Tools are designed to meet specific wellbore or reservoir conditions. Our safety valve design uses innovative rod piston and metal to metal flapper seal and full range of packers of different configurations for single-tubing strings, full range of pressure and temperature applications including multistage stimulationsystems designed to fracture and stimulate multiple stages in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.


Our manufacturing plans equip with most advanced numerically controlled machining centers available and operate by well-trained machinist. Strict quality control at all stage from manufacturing and to assembly, test, packaged under onebroof. With an in-house hydro testing facility all the products are tested in compliance to API standards.


We continually focus ongoing research and development program this insuring us as a leader in completion tools in the oil & gas industry. Our dedicated expert team provide fit-for-purpose solutions with know-how needed to serve our customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.


What Makes Us Different?

Qualified Personnel

·      Equip with world’s leading edge completion technologies and familiar of oilfield operation and management system at home and abroad.


·      Familiar with domestic and foreign cultures, organizations operational and management concepts.


·      Proficiency with international languages (Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish).


Global technology to accelerate the oilfield

  • Petrostar Tools is constantly seeking to provide the advance completion equipment and new concept of solutions to increase the production rate and reduce downtime with quality products and services.


Dedicated customer product development

  • In most cases, a standard tool is not always the best solution, Petrostar Tools specialize in design and manufacture products to suit client’s specific needs.


Quality System

  • Petrostar Tools believes quality and safety is the most important for our customer, its quality system is tailor for the continue product improvement, services and quality improvement at all the stages through timely periodical review on customer feedback.

Dissolvable Frac Plugs
Packer Accessories
Flow Control Tools
Safety Valve
Multi-Stage Frac System
Anti-wear Protector
Company Profile
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