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HFS Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve

The Petrostar HFS Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve is designed for use when selectively stimulating multiple zones in either open or cased hole applications. The Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve can be used in either horizontal or vertical wells and is usually the first valve ran in the well accompanied by multiple Frac Sleeve. The Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve is hydraulically opened and an internal locking mechanism ensures the open position is securely maintained.

The Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve is activated by field adjustable differential pressure from inside the sleeve across the actuation ports by a plugging device below, usually being the ball seat circulating sub.

The Hydro-Activated Frac Sleeve can be cemented in the hole and will reliably function as they have an isolated internal shifting mechanism. Once open, the sleeves have an internal locking mechanism to ensure the open position is securely maintained.

The Sleeve can be designed to has external fins across the frac ports to minimize the cement thickness between the sleeve and the formation.

Features and Benefits

  Internal locking mechanism

  Field adjustable opening pressure

  Suitable for high pressure applications

  Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications

  Designed for multiple zone applications

  Full bore ID

  Available in a wide range of materials and connections

Technical Data


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