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W Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve

The W Tubing-Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV) is used in general production completion to shut in a well at a point below the surface. The valve contains a piston, opposed by a compression spring and the well pressure, which operates a flapper mechanism. When pressure is released from the piston chamber, the spring moves the piston up and the torsion spring rotates the flapper to the “closed” position. The simple, compact design enhances the valve’s overall reliability while featuring an economical price.

Features and Benefits

  Simple, compact design

  Complete metal-to-metal well containment in the closed position (body/seat connections and flapper)

  Hydraulic chamber construction isolates the majority of the internal valve components and exposes them to clean hydraulic fluid

  Positive debris barrier at both ends of flow tube in full-open position


  General production completions

Technical Data

  Other profile and size available upon request

  Depend upon material and pressure rating

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