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Anti-wear Protector

The product is a casing anti-wear tool, applied to a drill pipe, that is composed of a set of clamps and a pair of wear-resistant sleeve bodies. It is widely used in the protection of casings in deep wells, high temperature wells, and large displacement wells. Its main features are simple installation and operation, reliable performance, and remarkable results.



This product is mainly composed of three parts: two clamps (black in the figure), and a body (red in the figure).The flexible body is wrapped around the drill pipe and secured with a long pin. The clamps are hinged and secured to the drill pipe with the provided bolts.

Working Mechanism

The body of the anti-wear protector is greater than the diameter of the drill pipe to help prevent contact between the drill pipe and the casing especially along bends in the well.

The body is “free floating” between the two clamps and does not rotate with the drill pipe. These features reduce friction, prevent steel-to-steel casing wear and reduce the risk of stuck pipe in deviated wells.


Cuts down friction, prevents wear of drill pipe and casing
The protective body is a special polymer material that has good wear resistance, is waterproof, is resistant to fungl, acid, alkali, and oil, is very resiliant, has excellent mechanical properties, and is suitable for all kinds of mud
Clamp is a high-strength, lightweight, special aluminum alloy and the bolt is durable with high connection strength
Temperature limit(300°F)
Rubber material has a good shock absorption effect, reducing the force between the casing and drill pipe
The fluid forced between the rotating pipe and the sleeve creates a “fluid cushion” between the two elements, dramatically reducing friction
Each AWP assembly only weighs about 6-1/2 lbs. making it easy to transport, install, and remove
The body can withstand 30,000lbs

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