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HRM Hydraulic Set Permanent Packer

The HRM Packer is designed for applications where one trip completion and frac is required. The packer is a hydraulic set, single trip, permanent, millable packer with a smaller OD that is used for a restrict ID casing or a small size frac string. The packer top connection can come with tubing thread or latch thread. Bottom sub can be threaded for a mill-out extension or for the customer's liner. The packer is designed upon proven sealing integrity, slip anchoring system, and utilizes an integral one-piece mandrel. The packer is designed with premium seal for harsh down hole environments such as high H2S and HTHP. 

Features and Benefit

●  Field proven reliable design 

●  Minimized potential leak paths 

●  Simple to operate

●  Large ID

●  Designed for high tensile loads

●  Metal to metal premium thread connection, or seal anchor assembly 

●  Single piece mandrel and seal bore

●  Up to 15,000 psi


●  Highly deviated and horizontal wells 

●  Single trip production and injection wells 

●  Frac and stimulation

●  High pressure and high temperature wells

●  Extreme completion environments

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