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Back-Pressure Valve System

The Petrostar Back-Pressure Valve System is designed primarily for use in Xmas Tree Wellhead Tubing Hangers. This PRS back-pressure valve can be used in conjunction with PRS Nipple Profile. This PRS Back-Pressure Valve has several special features. It has two external packing stacks, one internal packing stack, two internal MTM seals, three shear pin hold-down features, a knockout plug feature, and O-rings in the packing stacks. This PRS back-pressure valve is a high-pressure top no-go lock system. The top no-go provides a position locating means to simplify running procedures and eliminate mis-runs. The PRS back-pressure valve is designed such that pressure from above and below is held by key/nipple engagement. This assembly is designed for H2S service, has Teflon/PEEK packing, Chemraz O-rings, and meets the requirements of NACE MR-01-75.

Features and Benefits

  Application for tubing hangers and Xmas Tree

  Top No-Go locator feature

  Simply running and retrieving

  Reduce cost and time of service

  Using slickline to install

  Metal to Metal seal feature

  Can used in other landing nipples

  High pressure seal stack, standard for 10,000psi

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