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PRS Upper Seal Bore Retrievable Packer

PRS Upper Seal Bore Packer is a single string mechanical set production packer; it is designed for high pressure applications from above and below. The packer can be set by using a Hydraulic Setting Tool or in some cases an electric line tool with a setting adapter kit. To retrieve, the retrieving tool is stab in, pushed downward to latch on the packer, follow by straight pull to shear release the shear sleeve upward, this release the packer locking mechanism collapse the slips and continue upward pull will the packer out. 

Features and Benefits

  Can be set to provide an anchor point in the well casing

  Polished upper bore function as a seal bore for a seal assembly
  Provides an upper connector for attachment to seal unit locators
  Diverts flow from the casing below the packer to the tubing above
  Provides a pressure isolation point in the casing
  Holds pressure from above and below once seals or a plug is installed
   Lower threaded connector to suspend tools or sand control screens


  Used with a range of other tools to achieve well completion objectives

  Able to be milled if retrieval attempts fail

  Full seal bore ID through the packer

  Scoop Guide to guide tools and seals through the packer bore

  Able to be logged on depth before setting

Technical Data

  Check with Petrostar with other size

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