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ABV Retrievable Seal Bore Packer

The ABV Packer is a retrievable, single-bore packer that has the completion features of a large-bore packer. The packer delivers high performance with simplicity of design and desirable economics. It is a 10,000 PSI plus rated packer and can be equipped to withstand severe corrosion and high temperatures. 

The packer is designed to be used in Frac or gravel pack service, or suspend tools, or provide a pressure isolation point in the casing, which can be set by using hydraulic setting tool, and be pulled by running and latching the retrieving tool then applying a straight upward pull if needed.

Features and Benefit

  Field proven reliability 

  Simple to operate

  Cost Effective

  Provides an upper connector for attachment to seal unit locators 

  Full seal bore ID through the packer

  Designed for high tensile loads 

  Wireline and Hydraulic setting tools set

  Protected from pre-setting when run in hole 

  Tubing rotation available when run in hole 


  Able to be milled out if retrieval attempts fail 

  Standard 10,000 psi


  Sand control

  Horizontal completion assemblies

  Hanger packer in frac and stimulation jobs

  Production and Injection sealbore packer

  Retrieval required

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